Modern Dating at 43?

O.K., I’m writing this because I don’t think I’m the only individual in a boat like this. At 43, I am dating again, and I’ve had girlfriends. No I’m a traditionalist, and it just sounds strange to be 43 and say “Oh this is my girlfriend.”

Now there’s a huge difference between dating at 43 and 25. I haven’t got the time due to work and kids to spend countless hours at the local watering hole searching for that all elusive magical eye contact and smile. You know, like the one they show on TV and Holywood Movies.

Instead we go in like bumper cars searching for the right match, but no one has cards on their foreheads saying “Hi, I’m available.” Reading the signs is not the problem, finding people that you will connect with is.

So, given the means of modern communication…one or all of us have turned to the electronic matching making God and bought into their marketing…

Connected boys and girls all over the world are now searching for the opposite sex, or same sex, on an internet dating sight.  We type in who we are, something we want to say about ourselves, and what we’re looking for….then throw that card into the perverbial internet hat.

We get all excited and search and see who’s out there.  We have hope, there could be someone out there for us after all.  There are plenty of attractive women, and everything in between.  There are nice features like screening for age, height, body type, education, salary, race, ect.  Then we decide to contact people.  Some people respond, and some people don’t.

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